Hospital D

Hospital D is a large hospital serving the Southwest region. Through a unique partnership, it serves as a teaching hospital in collaboration with the city’s largest non-profit hospital.
Location Characteristics
Mixed Market
U.S. Region
State Regulatory Environment
Hospital Characteristics
Bed Capacity
50-200 beds
Size of System
50-100 hospitals
Community Characteristics
Type of Community
Racial & Ethnic Demographics
Median Household Income

History of Hospital D

Hospital D is a for-profit, mid-size institution (between 50-200 beds) providing acute care, general services in the same Southwestern city as Hospital C. Both are owned by the same large, publicly traded system and part of a group of hospitals in the same city united under a common brand. Of the institutions in the group, Hospital D opened the most recently. Hospital D also serves the city’s urban population, which is majority Latino.

Hospital D as an Anchor Institution

Hospital D is in a mixed market with an even percentage of for-profit and nonprofit hospitals. This state has an open regulatory environment with no certificate of need program. The city has a strong military presence; one aspect of which is a federal hospital. The city’s nonprofit hospitals, including the only trauma center in the area, specialty hospitals, and research institutions, are anchored by a medical school. Hospital D’s closest competitors are the non-profit hospital affiliated with the medical school, and Hospital C, which is owned by the same system. The two for-profit institutions are located within the same 15-mile radius. Consequently, Hospital D appears to compete with a for-profit hospital within its own system in providing medical services and anchor activities.

Hospitals C and D serve different long-term purposes in the community. Hospital C (with three times the number of hospital beds as Hospital D) is the original flagship hospital of the group. Hospital D, on the other hand, is used in collaboration with the medical school and the large nonprofit hospital as a teaching site for medical personnel, including student nurses and physicians. Select Hospital D executives are employed by the nonprofit hospital rather than the for-profit group.

Anchor Areas


  • Hospitals sponsor local food bank drives and a music festival.
  • Hospitals partner with YWCA, domestic abuse shelter, and a movie festival.

Community Stability

  • Largest private employer in the city with +5000 employees.
  • Employees work in the medical fields, technology, STEM, food services.

Health Promotion

  • Physicians lead community health education seminars.
  • Hospitals provide free screenings and diagnostic services.

Community Building

  • Physicians give presentations to local school staff on women’s health.
  • Hospitals hold STEM programs at local schools about medical technology.
  • Hospitals host high school students in a year-long program to learn about medical career paths.
  • Hospitals host students from high school healthcare magnet programs.
  • Hospitals participate in career fairs.
  • Hospitals host programs for students with disabilities to learn trades leading to employment at the hospital.
  • Hospital leadership centralized Covid-19 response in private schools.