Do for-profit hospitals have an anchor mission?

The Ohio University Anchors study explores the role that for-profit hospitals play in bolstering economic development and community health.

Hospital Case Studies

We talked with hospital leaders and residents who live nearby to understand how for-profit hospitals may serve as anchor institutions in U.S. communities. Read more about these case studies to understand how hospitals approach population health in communities like yours.

Hospital A is a mid-sized hospital serving an exurb in the Mid-Atlantic region. It transitioned from nonprofit to for-profit status.
Hospital D is a large hospital serving the Southwest region. Through a unique partnership, it serves as a teaching hospital in collaboration with the city’s largest non-profit hospital.
Hospital F is a midsized hospital serving the Southeast region. Its competitor is one of the nation’s largest nonprofit hospitals.

Hospital leaders talk on being
an anchor institution

Learn why hospital leaders see anchor activities as vital to community health and their institutional success.