Hospital A

Hospital A is a mid-sized hospital serving an exurb in the Mid-Atlantic region. It transitioned from nonprofit to for-profit status.

Hospital B

Hospital B is a small hospital serving the Pacific West region. It is the Sole Community Hospital in a rural community.

Hospital C

Hospital C is a midsize hospital serving the Southwest region. It is in an urban setting within proximity of Hospital D, which is a hospital owned by the same system.

Hospital D

Hospital D is a large hospital serving the Southwest region. Through a unique partnership, it serves as a teaching hospital in collaboration with the city’s largest non-profit hospital.

Hospital E

Hospital E is a large institution serving the Rocky Mountains region. Given that it is a for-profit, the hospital has an unusually high number of Full-Time Employees.

Hospital F

Hospital F is a midsized hospital serving the Southeast region. Its competitor is one of the nation’s largest nonprofit hospitals.
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